The Solution


A targeted concentrate for the treatment and prevention of unwanted lumps and bumps: from spots and blemishes to ingrown hairs. Infused with a powerful blend of healing botanicals to instantly calm, soothe & repair the skin.

Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free and Eco-friendly


Niacinamide Aloe Vera
Lactic Acid Witch Hazel
Salicylic Acid Fragonia & Frankincense

Our products have been developed with our clients needs and wants at the forefront. After years of trialling various options on the market and not being 100% satisfied with what we found, we wanted to create unique, results driven products that not only work but use super nourishing ingredients to aid healing and conditioning to the skin.


Let’s talk about Ingrown hairs

What are they?

An ingrown hair occurs when a hair that’s been removed grows back into the skin. This causes little inflamed bumps in the area the hair was once removed. Skin debris then forms over the follicle blocking it and causing the hair to grow sideways.
How can they be avoided?

Using a mild exfoliant between waxes is the most effective way of preventing ingrown hairs. Two of the most successful products used to exfoliate the skin are Lactic and Salicylic acid. These help to not only exfoliate but cleanse the skin by unblocking pores and promote healing with its antibacterial nature. Whilst moisturising the skin with a natural ointment will keep the skin soft and nourished. Another useful tip post treatment is to wear breathable, loose-fitting clothing to help your skin breathe and avoid irritation.
Why our Solution?

These pesky lumps and bumps may be small but they can be mighty painful without the right skincare routine.
After years of trialing different products on the market we were yet to find a formula that actually helped keep them at bay whilst nourishing the surrounding skin.
We have been working with one of the industry’s top experts to produce our very own results driven formula packed with nature’s finest ingredients to not only help your skin look and feel it’s best but also help to prevent ingrowns from forming in the first place.

Our unique formulation not only incorporates powerful, results driven, active ingredients such as Salicylic & Lactic acid which gently exfoliate the skin but also some of nature’s most potent wonders. Aloe vera and Witch hazel soothe the skin whilst Fragonia and Frankincense act as a powerhouse antibacterial blend that all work together to promote healing. Another key ingredient is niacinamide (vitamin B3) one of the most effective anti-inflammatories. It has antibacterial properties while also improving cell renewal to brighten and smooth the skin.
How to use

To treat larger areas such as face, bikini line or underarms, moisten a cotton pad with the Solution and apply directly to the area. For targeted areas, apply with a cotton bud. Use daily until the area has healed or as directed by a professional.
Store below 30 degrees.

WARNINGS: Prior to use, patch test on a small section of the intended area and wait 24 hours. If you develop a reaction, discontinue use. Do not use directly before or after waxing, shaving, epilating or electroysis. Wait for 24 hours if using before/after these procedures. Avoid eyes, sunburnt or damaged skin mouth, and genital or perianal areas. Wash hands before & after use. Keep out of reach of children



Alcohol denat, Aqua,Aloe barbadensis leaf juice,Lactic acid, Polysorbate, Propylene glycol, Salicylic acid, Hamamelis virginiana flower water, Parfum, Niacinamide, Benzyl alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium sorbate, Panthenol, Menthol, Sodium hydroxide

Please note we do not use artificial colours, scents or harsh chemicals.


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